Frequently Asked Questions
About AMedSU
It's an acronym for Applications for Medical and Surgical Use. Our start-up is based in Nice, France. iRejuvenation is our app dedicated to the practitioners of the non-invasive aesthetics surgery.
Why the Cloud?
It gives a full array of control over your app and the data storage. We feel that such features as protecting your device by a Pin Code or being able to distantly lock your device in case of theft or loss should included with the purchase of the app, so we've made them accessible to all users.
Why do I choose to subscribe a Data Plan?
If you need more storage room for your data, a secure and encrypted cloud, the data plan is the obvious answer, let's not forget about the multi-devices. For the practitioner that has more than one injectors the multi devices plan gives the freedom of having the devices sync between them, the patient can fill out his/her profile and consent without being able to access any other data.
How do I subscribe to a Data Plan?
Just click on the upper left side on the Subscribe tab and choose your plan according to your needs.
Is the payment secure?
Our payment platform is SSL 128 bits encrypted
My data needs are evolving, can my data plan adjust?
Of course, just email us about your future needs regarding your data's storage and device numbers and we'll fine tune your data plan.
I need a custom Data Plan with 5+ devices, can you do that?
Of course, please contact us by email in order to have a custom data plan.
I have a Pin Code blocking my access to the app?
If a Pin Code, that you didn't set up, blocks the access to the app, please try the default 000000 Pin Code. Re-enter into the Cloud; Preferences Menu, re-assign a new Pin Code, confirm it and click on the save button located on the upper right corner of the screen.
My Device has been lost or stolen, is my data lost?
If you have a data plan and you have synced your data, then it's safely stored on our servers you can access it from your new device.
I subscribed to a Data Plan, what should i do now?
Please follow those tutorials: